Roxana Santos de Hayden: A Consummate Trompe L’oeil Artist

Why Choose Me

In the ‘90s, I established my business in Italy—where I used to live—in an effort to share my passion for art. I deeply care about every commissioned project that comes my way. As such, I strive to deliver impressive results by paying the utmost attention to detail when handling every phase of the project—from initial design to final finish.

My passion is for creating a finished product that is equally tasteful as it is one of a kind. I have the skills necessary to complete a masterpiece using the following:

  • Fine Art Oils
  • Acrylics
  • Faux Finishes
  • Fabric Paints

What Sets Me Apart

When painting, I combine realistic details with the influence of the classical period of art. I also incorporate various concepts I learned by studying architectural interior design into my work. As a result, I can create trompe l’oeil paintings that feature accurate and realistic perspectives.

Architectural Interior Designs

I am a certified architectural interior designer who prides herself on designing and completing exquisite projects. In addition, I can fill any space with vivid colors and intricate drawings. By utilizing my artistic skills, I can provide my clients with the finished product that meets their specifications.