Creating Trompe L'oeil Paintings and Classical Murals

I am Roxana Santos de Hayden, an artist from the San Francisco Bay Area who is passionate about evoking various emotions one masterpiece at a time.

All About My Artistry

My specialization is in creating various trompe l’oeil paintings, but I also have the capacity to handle a broad range of projects. My typical painting media include fine art oils, acrylics, and watercolors. Additionally, I can handle faux finishes on fabrics. When doing business with me, you can breathe easy knowing that I can produce a unique finished product that you will surely love.

By consistently working on my craft, I have gained the respect and recognition of art enthusiasts, organizations, and communities across the globe. In turn, I was able to win several awards, which serve as testaments to the heart and soul that I poured into my art.

I also study architectural interior design, which enables me to view the world from an accurate perspective. As a result, I can use realistic imagery to create a myriad of optical illusions—depicted objects in my art seem to exist in three dimensions. I have the skills needed to include as much detail as possible into every drawing. Additionally, I can play with colors on canvases, walls, and more.